Posted by: Steve Gibson | June 26, 2014

Sarasota Bay Night Ops

The evening started off a bit slow. We were fishing the pass on the incoming tide just before dark with live bait. We missed a couple fish with some breakoffs in the dock. Rory started off the evening with his normal trash can slam. While Doug and Rory were concentrating on the rock ledge I decided to throw a good size live mullet into the middle of the pass. After about 15min I heard the drag and watched a huge boil around the mullett. The fish ate the bait and made a very short run before cutting me off clean. Probably a shark but we will never know. We moved out of the pass and into the canals after the sun went down. We fished many lighted docks and we got some decent Snook and 1 Trout. At our kast location for the night we found the meat! They werent huge but they were stacked and eating anything you would throw at them. There were multiple double hookups on fly and spin tackle. Almost had a triple hookup but I screwed that up by getting my leader tangled up on my fly line. O well. It was a great ending to the night. Thanks again to Capt Doug Fisher.





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